MacroImaging Station ePath


ePath solution is specially designed to:

  • Make the process of visual description of macro specimens,
  • Capture photos from grossing station  
  • Store all the information about grossing cases.




Special washable touch-screen is especially designed to work in gloves and with wet hands.







Wide-D image processing technology gives the ability to capture clear, detailed images in backlit environments. Ergonomic and washable handles to move the camera in case of 2-pathologists grossing process.





Fully control all the operation with images capturing through 3 foot pedals (zoom+/- and capture).




How ePath can help you?

1) Store patient cases from grossing station in special database with all necessary patient information.

2) Capture images with 2,38 megapixel camera and 10x lens. Make autofocus or control camera through foot-pedals.

3) Measure all the necessary dimensions and areas of specimen on the washable touch-screen or directly from your LIS workstation. All the marks (arrows, shapes, dissection areas) are stored in DICOM format.

4) Video recording with full-HD picture quality (1920 x 1080) even in low-light environments. Video streaming for telepathology consultation or teleconferencing.

5) Audio-recording of all the descriptions of specimen attached to the direct part of the picture.