The Installation of the First Automated Embedder in Russia

At the end of December 2009 BioVitrum Company installed Tissue-Tek® AutoTEC® Automated Embedder by Sakura (Japan) in Samara Regional Children Oncologic Dispensary, the first facility on the territory of the former USSR that is provided with such an instrument.

The equipment is the unique one and has no parallels among the competitors. Tissue-Tek® AutoTEC® Embedder’s throughput is 120 cassettes per hour. Together with the feature to load cassettes every 15 minutes it makes Tissue-Tek® AutoTEC® The above mentioned characteristics are of prime importance for oncology centers’ examination where the tiniest delay can cost a patient his or her life and laboratory examination shall be standardized and accelerated as much as possible! a true continuous flow embedding processor. Automated Embedder is a complete system for paraffin embedding.
Tissue-Tek® AutoTEC® Tissue samples are placed into Paraform® cassettes at the sectioning and stay their up to the embedding.Then Paraform® cassette is used as a base for a paraffin block produced by Tissue-Tek® AutoTEC®. Embedder operation requires special cassettes Paraform® that minimize routine time to orient and batch histology specimens.
One should pay special attention that the histology laboratory of the Samara Oncologic Dispensary is the first Russian lab with two continuous flow processors operating in parallel.  Here at the beginning of September 2009 BioVitrum Company installed Tissue-Tek® Xpress® x120 120 cassettes per hour and is designed for loading new specimens every 15 minutes. So it allows synchronizing the robotic systems, simplifying and accelerating laboratory workflow. Rapid Tissue Processor (Sakura) Similar to Tissue-Tek® AutoTEC® it processes up to

In spite of the hi-tech level of Tissue-Tek® AutoTEC®   & Tissue-Tek® Xpress® x120 they have user-friendly interface and do not require special staff instruction. Is was proved by the lab operators of the Samara Regional Oncologic Dispensary who commencedTissue-Tek® AutoTEC® operation next day after the installation and marked its ease of use, functionality, and capacity.

The installation of robotic continuous flow processors Tissue-Tek® AutoTEC® and Tissue-Tek® Xpress® x120 is of vital importance for the Samara Regional Clinical Oncologic Dispensary, one of the largest oncologic centers in Europe with the annual increase of laboratory examinations scope. Thanks to the new processors Samara Center’s laboratory is now a state-of-the-art facility and the last word in the world lab equipping.