Children's creative workshop in BioVitrum

10th of June 2016 BioVitrum office in St. Petersburg was filled with ringing children laughter. Small guests came to us with a very pleasant visit. In honor of Children's Day, it was decided to hold a special event for expressing children creativity.

The idea to organize such entertainment for kids has been brewing for a long time. And then, finally, the day has come: paints, brushes and three-dimensional figures have been prepared in advance; a large conference hall was turned into a creative workroom. The doors were opened, and children in motley suits, like the ringing flow, burst into the rigorous, working atmosphere of Friday in BioVitrum.

The children immediately chose the necessary tools for themselves and confidently headed towards liked figurines. There was formed the small groups of young painters who worked hard and in unison, putting into practice their challenging ideas. Anyone who watched this process got charge of positive energy and warmth. All the worries which were accumulated over a week, retreated into the background.





As a reward for such inspiring work young talents got tasty treats and air balloons with their favorite characters of cartoons. Dear children, BioVitrum expresses the great and heartfelt thanks for you to come and give us such a powerful charge of positive emotions and warmth!