BioVitrum Organizes International IHC Conference in Moscow

On October 27-28 the international conference titled "Contemporary Methods of Diagnostics in Pathologic Anatomy: Problems and Prospects" was held at the Dmitry Rogachev Federal Scientific-Clinical Center of Children's of Hematology, Oncology and Immunology in Moscow.

This center is one of the most progressive and technologically advanced oncology centers in Europe, and was constructed with the patronage of Vladimir Putin. This conference was host to more than 200 Russian and foreign specialists who combined their knowledge and experience under the theme of contemporary methods of diagnostics, in particular immunohistochemistry in oncologic diagnostics, as well as diagnostics of other pathologies.


Within the framework of the scientific program some notable participants were:

  • Director of FSCC, member-correspondent RAMN, professor A.G. Rumyantsev
  • Head of the Pediatric Pathological Anatomy department RGMU, Chief Children’s Pathoanatomist of Moscow, professor A.G Talalaev
  • Head of the Pathological Anatomy department FSCC, Dr. D.M. Konovalov MD
  • President of the Russian branch of the International Pathology Academy prof. S.V. Petrov PhD, Kazan
  • Active member of the International Pathology Academy, prof. E.A. Kogan MD, Moscow
  • Head of the Pathological Anatomy department FGBU Hematological Science Center Minzdravsotsrazvitia RF, Dr. Alla Kovrigina MD
  • Doctor-pathoanatomist in molecular biology laboratory and pathological anatomy department in City Hospital No. 62, Dr. N.A. Savelov, Moscow
  • Dr. Dieter Harms MD, Germany
  • Dr. Eddie Friedman, Isreal
  • Kees Jan Guijt, of Sakura, Netherlands
  • Merouan (Mel) Hemamda, Aperio, Great Britain
  • Channel manager of EMEA, Great Britain;
  • Christopher Paul Tully, Digital pathology consultant, Aperio, USA
  • Dusan Kadlec Ph.D., Laboratory Imaging, Czech Republic
  • Alexander Gorkov, manager of Oncomorphology unit for Roche Diagnostics, Russia  

In the practical part of the school-seminar for 40 laboratory assistants work was organized in the following areas:

  • Survey of the protocol of staining with manual or semiautomatic methods;
  • Independent staining of prepared slides or slides brought by the participants;
  • Work with the automated systems for IHC staining;

This conference is already the second of its kind in the IHC field of contemporary methods which BioVitrum has organized and taken part. We are very proud of the high quality of specialists gathered here and the positive exchange of information and ideas which resulted from this conference. 

This event showed that FSCC is not only a center of oncology diagnostics, but it is also scientific hub for the international exchange of experience and the introduction of the latest modern methods of diagnostics. BioVitrum is ready to continue this trend and contribute as much as possible to the organization of similar events in the future.  

"Thank you very much for the excellent organization and quality of the event!", Main non-staff expert at Roszdravnadzora of pathological anatomy for the Southern federal district, Prof. A.E. Matsionis PhD, Rostov-on-Don

"This two-day conference of Russian pathologists with the participation of foreign experts has drawn more than 200 doctors and scientists from different regions of Russia. It took place in the new federal center of children's hematology, oncology of D. Rogachev where work has begun with a perfectly equipped Pathoanatomy branch in which all the conditions for high-quality morphological diagnostics of children's tumors are created. It is necessary to notice that, besides the excellent equipment of the branch, there is a young collective of vigorous and competent pathologists, capable to solve any modern diagnostic problems. The conference has shown both the modern possibilities in tumor diagnostics, and the prospective directions in Oncomorphology. It is necessary to thank BioVitrum and the other organizers of this conference", President of the Russian branch of the International Academy of the Pathology, Prof. S. V.Petrov PhD, Kazan.

"This event was a pleasure for me, especially the high level of foreign lecturers, and everything was organized at a high level. Also it was useful both the dialogue of pathologists and the free discussion after the reports were presented. In my opinion the seminar turned out well and it is useful to attend such seminars", Professor of the pathological anatomy branch at the Moscow oncological research institute of P.A.Gertsena, L.E. Zavalishina PhD.

"Many thanks for the organization of this event by BioVitrum on October, 27-28th. With interest we listened to the lectures, and the demonstrations of the modern possibilities of telepathology were especially interesting. We await the transition to a practical realization of the telepathology project. Best Regards," Main Scientist at GU RONTS, Dr. L.V. Meheda, Moscow

"It was very exciting. We just opened the scientific and practical activity of our center. This was the first conference in our new walls. We are proud of the fact that pathologists have received this honor. I hope this will be the beginning of a new trend of development in pathology as a clinical discipline and science in Russia. The conference was lively: sharp discussions and disputes which, I think, brought about the most substantial part of the event. It was interesting. The two days of this conference passed in a correct and friendly way which was very pleasant. World famous European pathologists, together with qualified pathologists of Russia sat at one "table" and communicated absolutely freely and openly. I consider this to be a big achievement of ours as well. In summary, I am grateful to the sponsor and organizer of this conference, BioVitrum -our old friend and partner. I hope it is only the first step and our joint efforts will further benefit the pathology discipline in Russia", Head of the Pathological Anatomy department FSCC, Dr. D.M. Konovalov MD

"On October 27-28, 2011, in the Federal scientific-clinical center of children’s hematology, oncology and immunology of D. Rogachev I took part in the school-seminar "Modern methods of diagnostics in pathological anatomy: problems and prospects". As the sponsor and organizer of the seminar, BioVitrum has acted with the highest level of organization and professionalism. The conditions were favorable for interesting demonstrations of the latest modern examples of pathoanatomical equipment. This will be remembered for a long time. I express gratitude to the organizers and the sponsors and I hope for further cooperation", Doctor-Pathologist at SOKB of M.I. Kalinina, Dr. G.I. Shifrin MD, Samara.