BioVitrum Installs Nikon Equipment in Leading IVF Laboratory

BioVitrum recently installed Nikon microscopes in the laboratory of ORIGIO (St. Petersburg, Russia), which is a world leader in the field of auxiliary reproductive technologies, in-vitro fertilization, and one of the guiding centers of Russia for the instruction of embryologists.  Now all trainings and IVF education which will happen at this laboratory will be performed using Nikon equipment.

 As well in May Nikon held the first microscope certification course at this lab from May 14-23 for over 25 embryologists throughout Russia.  The practical course for the embryologists was dedicated to the theme “auxiliary reproductive technologies”.  Leading the course were practicing, qualified embryologists from St. Petersburg and Moscow, and also the chief foreign IVF specialists from Denmark.    Sergey Rimkevich, microscopy specialist at BioVitrum, attended and presented a lecture. 

We are proud that, with the help of BioVitrum, Russian embryologists will now gain instruction on Nikon microscopic equipment, which is acknowledged throughout the world as the gold standard of in-vitro fertilization.