BioVitrum Installs Innovative Microscopy Research Center

On April 6th, Russia's goal of modernizing its healthcare sector added a new milestone. BioVitrum Ltd. installed world-class Nikon confocal microscopes at the premises of the Obninsk Medical Institute of Atomic Engineering. Obninsk now becomes a unique base for carrying out advanced research and also a federal platform for scientific conferences, seminars and schools. This is a new stage for Russian medical centers that such innovative technology as Nikon's A1 will be used and it's a very important step for the advancement of Russian medical science. Obninsk is one of Russia's new "scientific cities" and it now joins Oxford University (UK), Curie Institute (FR), Harvard Medical School (US), and the University of Hokkaido (Japan) as a distinguished medical center which uses Nikon's A1 capabilities. The introduction of confocal microscopy is the first step in creating nuclear medical technology at Obninsk by 2015 as outlined by President Dmitry Medvedev during his recent visit.

A ceremony was held, presided by the director of the Institute Yuri Romanko, to commemorate this occasion. An informational seminar and workshop followed which was called "Modern Methods in Optical Microscopy". The seminar focused on issues such as ultra-high resolution microscopy, as well as new methods and possibilities in confocal microscopy. Lectures were given by Nikon Europe representatives Peter Drent and Herman Fennema. As well as by one of Russia's top scientists Prof. Nezlina L.P. Scientists from different regions of Russia got acquainted with Nikon's A1 laser confocal scanning microscopes and were trained on the uses of the instrument and basic functions of the software. The multi-functionality of this system will allow scientists to conduct research in various scientific areas: genetics, neurobiology, electrophysiology, molecular pathology, marine biology, regenerative medicine, embryology, hematology, immunology and many others.

Nikon’s official Russian representative, Gyorgy Demyanov, gave a speech which highlighted the fact that Nikon is an authority recognized worldwide for manufacturing hi-tech microscopes and it considers Russia to be one of its most exciting emerging markets. The Russian government has made healthcare a large part of its path to modernization, and Obninsk, the first of Russia’s “scientific cities” is a clear example of this.